“Teaching is a profession where there is no end to learning”

Workshops help in the capacity building of the teachers. In order to build up The Art of teaching, How to become an ‘Effective Teacher’ and What qualities a good teacher must acquire, a workshop was conducted in the premises of DPS, Udhampur. The resource person of the day was Mr.Kunal Anand who has experience of 15 years in Teaching Administration, Training and Development staff training operations and Management of School and Educational institution. The main aim of the workshop was to enlighten the teachers that apart from being teachers they are educators, An educator needs to bring change in the life of the students. He laid emphasis on the fact that ‘Faith’ must be strong between an educator and his students. If this bond of ‘faith’ is strong then the student can touch the realms of success.

The Pro-Vice chairman of DPS,udhampur Dr.J.C Gupta also attended this workshop and by looking at the energy level of his staff and their urge to learn more, he was enthralled. He stated that the staff members of the DPS, Udhampur are the kids of the management. The management will leave no stone unturned to satisfy the quest of its staff. School will keep on providing such valueable experiences to its staff members.