Primary School

To bring about holistic development of each child DPS Udhampur gives ample opportunities to students for aesthetic & creative expression through a wide range of experiences. The pre - primary campus is always full of exciting activities which instill healthy competition with values of sharing & respect for one another.

The kindergarten campus is always buzzing over with activities & celebrations, all major festivals are celebrated in campus to give students an insight into the richness of the culture and significance of each festival. This also provides them with sufficient chance to perform on the stage.

Our pre primary assembly is conducted by younger student’s .In addition to speaking on the various topics - thought of the week, day, date, weather and rhymes. Weekly Monitor of the class and best class of the month is honored by pinning badges during assembly.

Instead of educating the child in the usual mundane way, we made the process of learning a `fun` for them by giving them plenty of innovative class projects & weekend home task where parents guide & get involved with their wards Projects like making of farms for domestic & wild animals, fish aquarium, first aid box, phases of moon, table manners, good manners etc in which students feel involved and enjoy learning in the best possible manner.

At the end of the term, the children projected their month’s class work on the stage in the form of lively & informative dances, songs and plays / skits which were collectively called Recognition day. This too runs away successfully, thanks to the praiseworthy efforts of the parents.

With the Almighty’s blessing & the help of our ever cooperative management, principal, staff & parents, we hope to impart a fantastic new learning session as well. We just ask you to have faith in us & look forward to a session that promises to be even more exhilarating than the previous one…..and most importantly please be with us in all our endeavors.

May God bless DPS Family!