Vision & Mission

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL UDHAMPUR , seeks to provide an environment of education that allows children to understand ways of making their life meaningful, to contemplate issues that matter, and to engage in constructive dialogues. DPS Udhampur aims to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the future. DPS udhampur students are helped to master the expanding horizons of technology and also become the repository of Indian Ethos and culture in its pristine form. We provide an academic environment which treats each child as a unique individual and develops the child to the maximum potential. We understand that learning is an important resource for the childs social behavior and personality. It equips the child to take on the world with confidence. DPS Udhampur has a holistic approach. The vitality and the new ideas of the classrooms, the energy of the playing fields and the open friendliness of the work environment enables the students to reach their fullest potential.

Our Mission Statement

1. We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare capable ,responsible citizens.
2. we ensure that DPS students are helped to master the expending horizons of technology as also become the repository of a deep commitment to Indian ethos and culture .
3. We enables DPS students to be equipped to access the best opportunities of growth and advancement strengthened with knowledge and skills. The concept of enlightened citizens of the world is the backdrop of all over efforts .
4. We earnestly desire to train the Students of DPS to be sensitized to the environmental concerns evoking in them the filling of Nationalism and Communal ,harmony and motivating them to follow the motto of "Service before self" by serving others willingly graciously and selflessly .

The Delhi Public School Society Mission and Vision

1. The Delhi Public School Society was founded to promote and devote to its students learning growth and development. we value diversity within our schools and the community, built on trust and participation with a sense of pride . As a Member of Delhi Public School Family we affirm the Following Commitment.
2. We believe that education is service to society. Our mission is to educate for Empowerment and Enlightenment.
3. We Shall strive to make our school a place where each child's potential is developed to the optimum ,so that we may reach the goal of excellence in the competitive world.
4. we recognize the critical importance of taking ownership of our learning. We seek to learn from the full range of our experience, to be open to new experience and new ideas to continuously pursue excellence and fulfillment in our intellectual, social, spiritual pursuits and life long learning.
5. We value difference of opinion and perspective and are open to respectful dialogue about those differences, central to the ongoing learning process every learner is to benefit when ideas, insights and experience are shared with others .
6. People working and leaving together for common goals in the key to grow for both the individual and the community, We commit ourselves to participate in community services and volunteer activities, both in and outside the campus.
7. Enhancing environment equality is critical to the school, the community ultimately to the survival of the planet. We will act to maintain and improve our facilities and grounds to the safety, security and the appearances of your surroundings to promote a balance in ecology in all five elements-Earth ,sky, Air, Energy and Water.
8. We aim to create a positive and inclusive campus culture celebrating both the individual and culture difference that make each one of us unique and also the similarities, which bind us together. We recognize the need to understand one another as first the step to develop mutual understanding ,caring and respect .
9. We built trust when we communicate openly, When we seek to ensure justice and fairness for all people , regardless of role or position when we honor our values and commitment in our privates as well as our public behavior. We reach outward to seek and inform , involve and include new students ,employees and others , Who share the vision and principles of our schools


DPIANS drive deep of the cherished human Values which reinforce Perspicacious, sense of good ethics and secular outlook. DPIANS imbibe a winners attitude and competitive instincts along with sense of fair play and regard for non Conformists.