DPS Udhampur aim to strike a balance between introducing children a global outlook and teaching them about the Indian culture. With this aim, Dussehra was Celebrated with much gusto and enthusiasm. The festival of Dussehra signifies the victory of goodness over evil, light over darkness and happiness over gloom.

The Chief Guest of the day was MLA, Udhampur Mr. Pawan Gupta and Guest of honour was the Pro-Vice Chairman of DPS, Udhampur Dr.J.C.Gupta along with other dignitaries.
Students of DPS, Udhampur presented a special Ram Leela for which the other students and teacher could not wait for the epic drama. The Junior School children could not wait to see Ravana and cheer for “Hanuman”. They were full of excitement and enjoyed every moment of Ram Leela. Later on the effigy of Ravana was burnt in the school it was a magnanimous moment. The festivities were filled with great Joy and enthusiasm.

The MLA Sh. Pawan Gupta said that Dussehra is a religious and cultural festival which every child must know about and whenever he has visited DPS, UDH. On various occasion the students have mesmerized him by their scintillating performance.

The Pro Vice Chairman of the School Dr. J. C Gupta said that at DPS we believe experiences like these will help children to know much about their culture and enjoy their festivals. He also blessed the participants for their applaudable performance and highlighted the importance of Dussehra.

The Principal of the school Dr.Kunal Anand and the staff members wished the dear students and congratulated the students for their hard work. Overall the program was a great success