“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence”
DPS, Udhampur and its unbeatable children nails it once again at Gitoku Kai Karate-Do Championship from 11th Nov, 2017 to 12th Nov, 2017. The aim of this championship was to demonstrate their physical and mental development with foresting ideals and spirit of sportsmanship along with fostering in realms of sports.
Students of DPS, Udhampur received 8 Gold medals, 6 Silvers medals and 11 Bronze medals in the championship. The star performers who took away Gold medals were Anirudh (II), Sargam(I), Astika(IV), Arica(IV), Jasmeher(VII), Archie(X), Sneha(X), Pranav(X).
Silvers were taken away by Ramesh (II), Tejal (II), Ayush (IV), Rudra (IV), Arpit (VIII) and Tayyab (XI).
Bronze Medals were secured by Lakhdeep (II), Swarit (III), Aditya (III), Shaurya (II), Gungun (V), Tanishq (V), Aryan (VI), Suhana (VI), Diya (VI), Manil (VI) and Prakher (VIII)
The Pro-Vice chairman of the school Dr. J.C Gupta was overwhelmed and proud by looking at the result achieved by his kids. He stated one must keep his/her dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in oneself, vision, hardwork, determination and possible for those who believe.
He congratulated the winners along with their dedicated coach Mr. Udhay Singh who left no stone unturned when it comes to championship like these.


DPS Udhampur